Medicine is still regarded as the domain where humans rule. But AI is proving a valuable tool in their hands. If used correctly, it has the potential to see better than the best-trained physician and can spot problems before they grow too dangerous. 

First, we will be talking about the advances AI has already reached in radiology and what opportunities it can bring in the very near future. Next, we will see the challenges of designing a medical AI so that it passes the regulatory approval.

Join us to see how AI will be helping you get healthier in the coming future!

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Milan Unger

Siemens Healthineers

Milan is a Senior Key Expert for Artificial Intelligence at Siemens Healthineers, where he works on various aspects of AI products, focusing on natural language processing, data management, and user interactions with AI-enabled products.

Milan’s team at Siemens Healthineers builds software applications for radiologists that use AI to support their work. These applications are used in clinical routine in hospitals around the world, which puts special requirements on the regulatory aspects and focus on the risks connected to accidental misdiagnosis.

Boris Vavrík

Boris Vavrík

Powerful Medical

Boris has 8+ years of experience in managerial roles, dedicating the past three years to becoming a specialist in ECG interpretation.

In combination with his background in hard sciences (math, physics, programming), he can connect intuition with reality, making the neural networks more explanatory and less “black box”. As Head of AI in Powerful Medical, he designed the medically certified AI, expanded the software team, and contributed to several patents.


Language: English

5:00 pm
5:10 pm
Interview - Opportunities of AI in radiology - Milan Unger, Siemens Healthineers
5:40 pm
Presentation - The Challenges of Bringing a Medical AI to the Market - Boris Vávrik, Powerful Medical
6:05 pm
Live Q&A – _Slido #better_ai

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