During the 11th volume of Better AI Meetup, we will be talking about how to successfully use AI to identify, qualify and rate online content, spot fraudulent activities and data and make sense of vast amounts of data available.

Our presenters will show us how they use AI & LLMs to spot generated content or misinformation and how LLMs can be harnessed to produce structured, verified, actionable information out of the available data.


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Michal Trnka

Gerulata Technologies

Founder and CEO of Gerulata Technologies, a defense-tech startup specializing in AI-powered software tools for countering hostile information operations and hybrid threats. Gerulata serves clients and partners in 14 countries around the world, including government institutions, armed forces, diplomatic missions, as well as research institutions and universities.

Michal is an experienced leader and manager with two decades of experience in the fields of information technology and security. Prior to founding Gerulata Technologies in 2020, he held several leadership positions, including over 10 years as the Chief Marketing Officer at ESET, a global leader in cybersecurity. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford.

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Ivan Srba

Kempelen institute of intelligent technologies

Senior researcher in KInIT. Ivan Srba has expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, with a focus on low resource AI, learning with limited labelled data, multilinguality and social computing systems, especially social networks.

His current primary research interest is in supporting media professionals in producing credible content and countering online disinformation. He is currently a researcher and an executive board member in three EU-funded projects – CEDMO, vera.ai and AI-CODE.


Language: English

5:00 pm
5:10 pm
On Capabilities of Large Language Models: Estimating Credibility and Content Quality - Ivan Srba, KInIT
5:40 pm
Extracting meaning from chaos: Using AI for structured knowledge - Michal Trnka, Gerulata Technologies
6:05 pm
Live Q&A – _Slido #better_ai

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