21 February 2024 at 5 pm

How will the AI Act affect your business and research?

The AI Act is quickly becoming a reality, affecting every company and researcher that has something in common with AI. What to expect from the upcoming legislation? Who will be affected? How to prepare for the impact of the regulation? 

Our guests will be talking about how to use the AI Act to create trustworthy, responsible AI applications as well as how to proactively prepare companies and research teams for the regulation. There’s no better place for such a discussion than the Better AI Meetup!

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Juraj Čorba

Juraj Čorba

Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics of the Slovak Republic

Juraj Čorba is responsible for the regulation and governance of digital technologies, especially AI (Department of Digital Strategies, Regulation and International Cooperation). He represents Slovakia in the negotiations on the AI Act of the EU and the AI Convention of the Council of Europe. He is the chairman of the OECD Working Party on Artificial Intelligence Governance (AIGO OECD) and Chairman of the EU Policy Makers’ Reflection Group on Large General Use Models. He represents Slovakia in the Steering Committee of the Partnership on AI. He is also responsible for leading the joint international initiative of MIRRI SR with IEEE for Adaptive AI Governance. Juraj is a former attorney and representative of Slovakia in the EU Courts.

Matúš Mesarčík

Matúš Mesarčík

Kempelen institute of intelligent technologies

Matúš Mesarčík is a senior researcher in Ethics and Law in KInIT. He holds a Phd degree in Administrative Law from Comenius University in Bratislava. Matúš has a background in data protection law and AI regulation. He lectures courses on IT Law and Data Protection Law and is the author of the first data protection textbook for university students in Slovakia. Apart from his research activities, Matúš worked as a privacy consultant in a law office focused on privacy and new technologies and currently advises public authorities on the topics of data protection, AI regulation and cyber-security.


Language: English

5:00 pm
5:10 pm
Presentation - Translating principles of Trustworthy AI to legal compliance with the AI Act - Matúš Mesarčík, KInIT
5:40 pm
Interview - The challenges of AI Act: What to expect from the new regulation - Juraj Čorba, MIRRI
6:05 pm
Live Q&A – _Slido #better_ai

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